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Concert Ondrej Smeykal


A very special didgeridoo concert on Saturday the 3rd of November in the Aboriginal Art Gallery Rotterdam. Concert starts at 8pm and you need to buy a ticket in advance. Ticket price €17,-

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Ondřej Smeykal - Czech professional didgeridoo player

A one-man didgeridoo orchestra is probably the best way to describe the extraordinary music of phenomenal didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal. His highly original style of playing is the result of a life completely devoted to this instrument. For well over two decades and with ever increasing intensity, Ondrej has been developing and redefining his own unique approach to the didgeridoo. His predominant use of unusually long didges of up to 4 metres in length enables him to play incredibly deep tones and to produce a much wider range of sounds and overtones than possible on regular didgeridoos. Each composition, or song, as he refers to it, is very different in style, ranging from break-beat and organic didgeridoo techno, to trance, ambient and anything in between.

During the last years Ondrej has shared and taught his contemporary didgeridoo style and philosophy at didgeridoo festivals all around the world. But mainly, Ondrej records his didgeridoo solo CDs, and performs in clubs and venues in many countries as Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe countries - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine.

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