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Summer Matthews

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Aboriginal Artist: Summer Matthews
Born: 19/11/1980
Language Group: Barkindji/Ngyiampaa
Country: Menindee, Western NSW.

Ngatji the Rainbow Serpent created many sites along the Darling River between Wilcannia and Menindee, the home of my family. Ngatji came up through the springs and waterholes and wherever he travelled he left ochre to show where he had been. The springs were his entry and exit points. He came out of the earth, travelled along its surface, and then went back in to the earth.

Ngatji is linked to Mt Manara in my country and is associated with flowing water, waterholes and springs as well as underground water. My work shows the colours and pathways Ngatji created across my country near Menindee in Western New South Wales, Australia.

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