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Andrea Nungarrayi Martin

Andrea Nungarrayi Martin
Born: 1965
Skin name: Nungarrayi / Nungarai
Language: Warlpiri
Country: Northern Territory
Dreaming: Wardapi ( Goanna), Warlawurru (Eagle), Marlu (Kangaroo), Janganpa (Possum), Kurdiji (Sheild), Yarla (Bush Yam), Janmarda (Bush Onion), Ngarlu (Red Hill), Pingirri (Meat Ant), Ngatijirri (Budgerigar), Jarlji (Frog), Jajirdi (Feral Cat), Pituri (Wild Tobaco), Wati jarra or Kirdalangu (father and son)

Andrea Nungarrayi Martin was born in 1965, and began working at Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Association at the request of the committee while she was still at school. She now holds the position of Arts Coordinator.

Having worked at the centre for over 20 years, Andrea has also played an integral role in developing the distinct style at Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Association. While familiar with several different painting styles, she often fills her background with white dots in order to emphasise the intricate design of the story elements.

Andrea has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and has also represented Warlukurlangu Artists in the United States as an artist-in-residence.

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Western Quoll & Possum..107113
Kunstenaar: Andrea Nungarrayi Martin
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Western Quoll & Possum.. 264811
Kunstenaar: Andrea Nungarrayi Martin
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Western Quoll & Possum..73012
Kunstenaar: Andrea Nungarrayi Martin
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