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Tarisse King

Tarisse King was born in Adelaide, South Australia on the 4th September 1986. She is the older sister to fellow artist, Sarrita King and daughter to the late highly regarded artist, William King Jungala (1966 – 2007).

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Tarisse inherits her Australian Aboriginality from her father who was part of the Gurindji tribe from the Northern Territory. The Gurindji tribe came to public attention during the 1960s and 1970s when members employed by the Wave Hill cattle station led a landmark case which became the first successful land rights claim in Australia. Like her forefathers, Tarisse is an assertive individual who is determined to communicate the inseparable connection she and her ancestors have with the Australian land. 

Tarisse spent the majority of her youth in Darwin, a unique city in northern Australia that is subject to extreme weather conditions; from torrential rain and cyclones in the Wet Season to oppressive and immobilising heat in the Dry Season. This climatic impact is seen in her artwork but it was also the road trips she travelled between Darwin, Katherine and Adelaide, where her father resided, that she reflects on most in her paintings. The journey of 3027 kilometers, right through the heart of Australia, reveals extreme expanses of varying landscapes and provided Tarisse with the isolation and time to develop a unique perception of the land which can be seen in her paintings such as Pink Salts and My Country – Tracks and Rivers. 

Moving to Adelaide at the age of 16, it was her involvement with her father’s art that lead Tarisse to experiment with her own designs and techniques, resulting in a definable style of her own. Drawing on the Central and Western Desert Aboriginal dotting style of painting the land topographically, Tarisse captures a complex and varied soul of the land.

In homage to her father, her adaptation of Earth Images defines Australia as if looking from outer space back to land; the viewer is given a heightened feeling of drifting above the earth. Then, in her series, My Country Tarisse composes 40,000 year old Aboriginal iconography of song lines, dots and circles to create a bold and contemporary aesthetic and provides yet another more detailed perspective on the landscape. Finally, Pink Salts, lowers the viewer back down the earth and immerses one in the surreal and luminous pink sunsets over the great salt lakes in the centre of Australia. In all of Tarisse’s artworks, she contemporises the ancient and allows the present day viewer an accessible moment to consider the past.

Tarisse now lives in New Zealand and paints in a her home studio while looking after her daughters, Amalii and Hinatore. At the age of 28, she is a full time artist. She has been included in over 20 exhibitions, is represented in galleries in every Australian state, included in many high profile Australian and international art collections, been auctioned successfully through Paris’ Art. With so many accolades to her name at such a young age, Tarisse’s potential to build on an already outstanding career is more than promising.

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Tarissa King, Water Dreaming 30x30cm tkaag011
Water tkaag011
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Earth Images tkaag040 30x30cm.JPG
Earth Images tkaag040
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Earth Images tkaag041 30x30cm.JPG
Earth Images tkaag041
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, My Country tkaag049 30x30cm.JPG
My country tkaag049
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Fire Dreaming tkaag050 30x30cm.JPG
Fire tkaag050
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag063
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag064
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag065
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
A_Water tkaag157 (NEW)
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
A_Water tkaag156 (NEW)
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
A_Water tkaag155 (NEW)
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Celebration of Life tkaag037 90x45cm.JPG
Celebration of Life tkaag037
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag097
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Narrow Flow tkaag042 60x30cm.JPG
Natural Flow tkaag042 (SALE)
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag099
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Water tkaag114
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Lake Eyre tkaag136
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag112
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
My Country tkaag137
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag139
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag104
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag110
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag100
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag103
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Bush tkaag109
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag102
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Bush tkaag105 (SALE)
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag106
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
My Country tkaag107
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag108
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag101
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag113
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag138
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Earth Images tkaag111
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Bush tkaag038 90x60cm.JPG
Bush tkaag038
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag098
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag082
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag066
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Fire tkaag062
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Fire tkaag054 150x60cm.JPG
Fire tkaag054
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Water tkaag053 150x60cm
Water tkaag053
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Fire Dreaming tkaag045 60x30cm.JPG
Fire tkaag045
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Earth Images tkaag044 60x30cm.JPG
Earth Cycles tkaag044
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Water Dreaming tkaag043 60x30cm.JPG
Water tkaag043
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Pink Lake tkaag039 120x30cm.JPG
Salt Lakes tkaag039
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Celebration of Life tkaag036 90x60cm.JPG
Celebration of Life tkaag036
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse King, Water tkaag034 60x60cm.JPG
Water tkaag034
Kunstenaar: Tarisse King
Tarisse_Sarrita King, Our Countries Stories tkskaag016
Our Countries Stories tkskaag016
Kunstenaars: Tarisse & Sarrita King
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